About Us

About Xciel

Xciel Inc is a manufacturer of intrinsically safe portable devices like smartphones and tablets, which are designed to survive the challenges of rugged environments. Whether you work at a construction site or at an oil and gas plant, count on us to provide devices that offer complete protection from shocks, dust, vibrations, and water.  

You will not only get great functionality from our products but also durability that can withstand the type of abuse that can happen in a busy work site. We ruggedize and certify commercial-grade products, and we certify industrial-grade products.
Ipad Mini

The 1st Zone 1 iPad Mini in the World

You will be getting your technology from a team that understands your needs and workplace.
Smart Phone

Get the I.S. Smartphone You Need 

Our I.S. XCiPhone 7/  7+ and Samsung XCS4 are just two examples of our rugged I.S. smartphones.

I.S. Tablets That Are Perfect for Your Needs

Our I.S. XCRiPad Air 2 and XCPro4 are just two samples of our rugged I.S. tablets for your work duties.
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